The Ten-Year Strategy African Development Bank Group (2024 – 2033)

As the African Development Bank Group (the Bank) announces its Ten-Year Strategy 2024-2033, Africa and the world face deep challenges. After a decade of strong economic performance, countries across Africa have shown great resilience. But the continent must deal with a set of interlocking crises – some global, others originating within the continent – that threaten to undermine its hard-won gains. Africa has emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic only to confront worsening food insecurity and a growing debt crisis. The impacts of climate change are inten-sifying and accelerating. Conflict and political instability have surged, while the youthful working age population continues to grow at a faster pace than jobs. With limited opportunities in their home countries, millions of Africa’s young people, the continent’s future, are seeking economic opportu-nities in other regions. These accumulating crises threaten to trap Africa in a cycle of emergency response. The continent urgently needs to shift resources into building sustainable and resilient growth that delivers jobs and equity.