About Us

  • Project Finance and Law website shares latest development and innovation of project finance outside China with Chinese companies and individuals in sectors of infrastructures, oil&gas, mining, power and renewables. We believe that project finance will be the option for China to achieve BRI and sustainable outbound invesment.
  • To contribute to a sustainable and internationalized overseas financing and investment by Chinese entities, esp. the state owned enterprises (SOE).
  • To assist foreign stakeholders, such as government, sponsors, investors, lenders, insurers, suppliers, offtakers, financial institutions, multilateral development banks (MDB) and EPC contractors, to understand how the Chinese counterparties work in the project finance.
  • To be bridge of project finance between China and the rest of the world.  
Our Service:
  • You may reach us through Contact Us page if you need any assistance on the project finance in connection with your overseas projects.
  • We are able to put you through to the banks, financial institutions, investors, sponsors, EPC contractor and advisors.
  • We may help you as financial advisor, fincial modellor or auditor and other roles as needed.


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